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Book Christmas tree decoration

Writers can be a difficult bunch to buy presents for. Here are some gift ideas for writers to make your gift-giving a breeze!

These affordable gifts for writers are perfect for Christmas presents, birthday presents, or any other occasion, to show your writer/author friends and family members that you support their hard work.

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Stationery for writers

Legend Planner – Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

Legend Planner

This planner has changed my life, no exaggeration. I use it for my writing, business (editor/proofreader) and life goals. It’s undated so there’s no reason to wait for 1 January to start getting organised. It also comes in lots of different colours.

Your writer friend can set yearly, three-monthly and monthly goals, then plan their writing each week. They can do a quick review at the end of each month to see if they’re on track. There’s so much more to it than that, but the last thing I have to mention is: there are motivational stickers. STICKERS!

Find out more about Legend Planners

Personalised engraved pen

I have a constant battle in my house to keep my stationery by my side. Various family members snaffle my stash until my pot is empty when I come to write.

This pen can be custom engraved with your friend’s name, which then lights up at a click. An affordable way for your writer to make sure no one else in their household touches their pen!

Find out more about the personalised pen

Postcards from Penguin

You might even want to get a set of these for yourself if you’re a reader. 100 iconic Penguin book covers, from crime to classics.

The orange-and-cream three-banded design is known the world over, and these postcards are a lovely memento of many of the books that feature this distinctive design.

Find out more about postcards from Penguin

Writing craft gifts

The Writer’s Block

With hundreds of pages and photographs, this cute block may be just the thing to encourage an idea to pop into a writer’s head.

Contained within this compact 3″ cube are tips, prompts and images that will get your writer friend thinking ‘outside the box’ (see what I did there?).

Find out more about The Writer’s Block

The Writer’s Toolbox

This useful bit of kit was developed by a creative-writing teacher. Containing lots of different ways to get your writer friend’s creative juices flowing, they can say ta-ta to writer’s block.

It uses right-brain stimulation tips and tricks to help writers come up with new ideas for plots and characters, saving lots of time staring at a screen (or an empty page).

Find out more about The Writer’s Toolbox

Good Words Fast by Oliver Dirs

This is a great idea – a thesaurus specifically developed for writers, authors, editors, journalists and others who work with the written word.

It contains 1,100 of the most common words that writers and editors come across, and gives genuinely useful alternatives. It’s like a fast-track thesaurus that cuts out the fluff.

Find out more about Good Words Fast

Fun gifts for writers

I’m a Writer Not a Serial Killer mug

It’s true. We writers have very interesting browsing histories…

If you like the slogan but don’t fancy getting a mug, there are stacks of ‘Writer not Serial Killer’ merch, including T-shirts, phone grips and stickers/decals for your writer’s laptop, water bottle etc.

Find out more about I’m a Writer Not a Serial Killer mug

Typewriter pen holder

Here’s somewhere for your writer to store their favourite pens and pencils in style.

Most writers tap out their masterpieces on a laptop or desktop computer these days, but the typewriter remains the iconic tool of the author, and this pen holder will liven up their desk.

Find out more about the typewriter pen holder

Typewriter coasters

While we’re on the subject of typewriters, I love these! Such a fun way for your writer to park their mug of tea or coffee while they tap away, hard at work (or stare into the distance, waiting for inspiration to strike).

Who knows, they may even invite you round for a glass of wine to thank you, so you can have your own coaster for the evening.

Find out more about the typewriter coasters

Rex the green dragon

Does your writer like dragons, or do they write fantasy books? If so, this may be the perfect gift for them.

Rex is keen to help, although I’m not sure if he’s bringing a pencil to your writer friend, or trying to help in the writing process. Either way, every time they look at this thoughtful gift, they will be reminded of you. (Not that you’re green and scaly…are you?)

Find out more about Rex the green dragon

What have you found?

If you have any suggestions of gifts for writers, let me know in the comments. Your ideas could really help someone else find that perfect present!

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