When Emyla reluctantly revisits her old French workplace after 22 years, she is forced to face more than just her tragic memories of the Fleury family who once owned it.


Woman with ginger hair staring enigmatically at cameraDr Emyla Brace has mastered the art of avoiding the past. A skill that is endangering her relationship with her father.

When her brother, Alastair, talks her into revisiting the south of France, she is forced to confront the death of the Fleury girl and the part Emyla may have played in protecting those reponsible.

As Emyla gets deeper into her account of the summer of 1994, long-buried details force her to confront her role in another death even further in the past – that of her twin sister at the age of six.

Layers of the past gradually invade the present, until Emyla is forced to decide once and for all to either bury her guilt, or tackle it head on.

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Early reviews

I’ve been receiving feedback from my beta readers on my book, and I’m immensely relieved to tell you that they all love it!

Some quotes that I’ve got back include:

  • “I couldn’t put it down. If I’m late for work tomorrow, I blame you!”
  • “An excellent, well-paced story. A real page-turner, supplemented with multi-dimensional characters woven into a complex and intricate mystery.”
  • “I really think you’re onto a winner here.”
  • “You build the suspense well, and introduce enough hints for the reader to speculate, without being too obvious.”
  • “A very enjoyable mystery that tackles fascinating human behaviours well.”

I never dreamed in a million years that I would receive comments like these. It makes all the hard work worth it and spurs me on for the final push. I’m putting the final touches to my manuscript and have started to enter it into writing contests. After that, I’ll be seeking agent representation.

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Hold your horses! This is my debut novel. I’m currently preparing the manuscript for submission to literary agents.

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