My website proofreading service checks your website in a browser before you launch it, or once it is already live.

None of us are perfect. Errors creep into final versions and are easily missed when you are too close to the content.

Your website is usually the first port of call for your customers/readers/clients. First impressions matter, and if your webpages contain text errors or layout issues, they will turn to your competitors.

I can help you significantly reduce the errors on your site and improve the SEO and accessibility of your content.

What you get

Take advantage of my affordable service to save, at best, embarrassment on your website and, at worst, loss of income. I will check for:

  • errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • inconsistencies in the text
  • factual inaccuracies
  • layout issues (eg. elements misaligned)
  • opportunities for SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • common accessibility issues

I will also provide you with a bespoke style sheet, showing details of editorial decisions made and language styles used. This is useful to ensure consistency now and in the future, and is something you can use as a basis for a style guide.

Please note that although this is not a comprehensive multi-browser, multi-platform, multi-device check, I can check your site using more than one browser and device if requested, as sometimes issues (layout, formatting) will occur on one browser/device but not another. Your analytics will show you which browsers and devices your audience most commonly use.

Delivery of results

I will note issues and suggested changes in a spreadsheet. This can either be done using Google Sheets or an Excel file, whichever is easier for you.

Depending on the size of your site, this service will take one to two weeks.

What my clients say


My pricing is extremely competitive, and depends on the length of your pages and how much attention they require (eg. complexity of design, standard of English). Please get in touch to discuss further.


Contact me today to discuss your requirements.