Gifts for editors and proofreaders (2023–2024)

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Stuck for a gift for a friend, colleague or family member who is an editor or proofreader? Or maybe you fancy treating yourself? My list of gifts for editors may help.

These fantastic presents for editors and proofreaders are perfect for Christmas gifts, birthday presents, or any other occasion, to show your editing friends and family members that you support their hard work.

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Stationery gifts for editors and proofreaders

Highlighter pens

Highlighter pens

Now we editors love a highlighter…or 24. They are so handy when working on paper manuscripts, style guides and other hard-copy documents.

Double-ended ones are even better, as there is the option of a thick or thin nib. Oooh, now you’re talkin’!

Your editor chum will thank you for thinking of their work needs, not to mention their stationery obsession (most of us in the business have this).

Find out more about highl pens

Legend Planner

Legend Planner

This planner has changed my life, no exaggeration. I use it for my writing, business (editor/proofreader) and life goals. It’s undated so there’s no reason to wait for 1 January to start getting organised. It also comes in lots of different colours.

Your editor friend can set yearly, three-monthly and monthly goals, then plan their work each week. They can do a quick review at the end of each month to see if they’re on track. There’s so much more to it than that, but the last thing I have to mention is: there are motivational stickers. STICKERS!

Find out more about Legend Planners


Funny editor notebook

Editors need notebooks. Lots. If you don’t fancy the one I’ve featured here, there are plenty of other notebooks featuring slogans that may suit your editor friend. How about:

Find out more about this funny editor notebook

Kit for editors and proofreaders


Noise-cancelling headphones

It takes a lot of concentration to edit. As most of us work from home, few of us are lucky enough to have the luxury of a quiet workspace, especially when there may be kids/pets/partners in the background.

My noise-cancelling headphones get A LOT of use, and I can guarantee this gift will increase your editor friend’s productivity no end!

Find out more about noise-cancelling headphones

Countdown clock

Countdown clock

I love my timer. It really helps me to focus for a set amount of time on a specific task, so I end up getting more done in my day. Plus, I end up fitting in more breaks as the timer reminds me to do so.

If your editor friend is looking frazzled or complaining of not being able to fit breaks into their day, this clock could be the answer. It comes in lots of different colours too!

Find out more about the countdown clock


Lumbar support cushion

We editors and proofreaders sit down a lot, which can take its toll on our lower backs.

If your editor friend has been rubbing their back, it’s time to show what a caring chum you are by getting them a lumbar support cushion for their chair!

Lots of other colours available!

Find out more about the lumbar support cushion

Fun gifts for editors and proofreaders

Mug with words "This is what an awesome editor looks like"

Perfect editor mugs

We editors love our cups of tea and coffee. I found it impossible to pick just one mug, so the link takes you to a selection that your editor friend will love.

Browse mugs for editors

Grammar Police board game in box

Grammar Police game

While we editors most definitely are not the grammar police (honestly!), we know our grammar rules.

This game will put you and your editor friend on your toes, testing your grammar skills to the limit! Be aware that it is a game for adults, due to the nature of some of the language examples used.

Find out more about the Grammar Police game

Black T-shirt with slogan "Do not question the editor"

‘Do not question the editor’ T-shirt

There are so many T-shirts with great slogans out there, but this one caught my eye.

Nuff said.

Find out more about the editor T-shirt

What have you found?

If you have any suggestions of gifts for editors and proofreaders, let me know in the comments. Your ideas could really help someone else find that perfect present!

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