I offer my ebooks in two formats: EPUB and PDF, as well as a bundle containing both formats. But which format is best for your needs?

There are some key differences between EPUB and PDF formats. Which one you choose to buy will depend on the device(s) you’ll use to read my ebooks, your expectations, and whether you’re planning on printing them.

EPUB format

EPUB format is specifically designed for e-readers such as Kindles. The content is flowable, so the text size and layout will adjust to the devices or screen you’re using to view the ebook.

It is a more accessible format than PDF, for example, screen readers find it easier to read EPUB files, and there is no need to pinch and zoom if reading them on a smaller screen as the text adjusts to the display size.

Choose EPUB format if:

  • you’ll be reading the ebook on a Kindle or other e-reader
  • you’ll be reading the ebook on a small screen such as a smartphone or mini tablet
  • you’d like to take advantage of the accessible advantages of EPUB

PDF format

PDF format essentially offers a form of printable document. The layout is fixed rather than flowable or responsive, so the pages appear exactly the same, no matter which device you read it on. Headings, images, margins and other elements will remain in the same place for all readers. If you’re reading a PDF on a smaller device, you may have to horizontally scroll.

If you print out a PDF, it will emerge from your printer looking the same as on your screen.

Choose PDF format if:

  • you’d like to print out the ebook
  • you’ll be viewing the ebook on a larger screen such as a desktop or tablet, in an application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader rather an e-reader, e.g. Kindle
  • you’d like to view the original fixed layout of the book’s pages

EPUB and PDF bundle

You may be planning on reading the ebook on different devices, depending on your location and what options you have to hand at any given time. For example, when you’re on the move, you may wish to read it on your Kindle (EPUB format), whereas when you’re at home, you may prefer to read it in colour on your desktop (PDF format).

I offer a heavy discount for my bundles that include both formats.

Choose the EPUB and PDF bundle if:

  • you’ll be reading the ebook on different devices that serve different purposes
  • you aren’t sure which format is best for you, so you’d like to test both
  • you think you may change your preferred ebook device in the future

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