By choosing me as your editor or proofreader, you are making a sustainable choice. Here’s how!

I pledge to plant trees with your words

For every 20,000 words that I edit of your book manuscript, I donate to Just One Tree so they can plant a tree on our behalf. So, if your book is 100,000 words, that’s five new trees in the world!

Sapling in the sunshine

I’m fuelled by ethical sources

Most editors are fuelled by coffee and tea, and I’m no different in that respect! I strive to stock my cupboards with tea and coffee from ethical sources, based on the Good Shopping Guide’s rating tables:

You can rest assured that while I’m working on your words, I’m sipping a hot beverage from a sustainable, ethical source.

I aim to be as paperless as possible

I carry out the majority of my editing on screen and only print when a paper copy is the best or only option for a task at hand.

I use Trello for my to-do lists and reminders, instead of drowning in piles of sticky notes and paper lists.

I use online banking and FreeAgent for my invoicing and finances. (Enjoy a 30-day free trial of FreeAgent and 10% off after that (permanently) using my FreeAgent referral link!)

I strive to use FSC-certified paper products as far as possible, including my wonderful Legend Planner.

Recycling symbol on canvas bag with word "re-use"

I am working to reduce my carbon footprint

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) carbon calculator, my carbon footprint is around the UK average (104%). While I’m pleased I’m barely above the UK average, I’d prefer to be below it, so I’m working towards improving this.

I’m already doing the following to reduce my carbon footprint:

  • I work from home. This saves me the daily commute during rush hour, which saves my stress levels, petrol and the environment!
  • The energy supplied to my home is from Britain’s biggest generator of carbon-zero electricity.
  • I eat a balance of plant-based and meat-based meals.
  • I limit my monthly spending on consumables.
  • I use a converter in my cartridge pen and refill it from an ink pot, rather than using disposable plastic cartridges.
  • I wrap up warmer during the winter working days, rather than putting the heating on (except for when it’s very cold!)
  • I recycle glass, plastic, cardboard, paper and other materials, and compost as much as possible.

I will be making these changes to further reduce my carbon footprint:

  • I will offset the carbon emissions of any future plane travel (most airlines allow you to do this at the time of booking).
  • I will change to a renewable energy tariff.
  • I will make a greater effort to buy more food that is produced locally.
  • When it’s time to buy a new car, I will buy a hybrid or electric one, rather than petrol.

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